AGM Polling -live features and advantages

Annual general meetings hold an imperative task i.e., voting or polling, which the shareholders do. This time is also the one where all shareholders meet and put forth the annual report of the firm. Virtual pollings are becoming popular nowadays, but the main question arises about their genuineness. Voting, if not fair to all the shareholders, can be troublesome later. Hence a solution and a service that can serve a fair role to polling are desired. AGM polling virtually is now efficient as the host can now control the members who will vote. The voting being virtual and digital leaves no space for fraud. The results of the poll are also accurate and quick, reflecting the genuine intentions of the shareholders. Read the section below to learn more about the extensive features of online polling.

AGM Polling online

Consider the benefits of AGM live virtual polling that ensures smooth and secure voting by the members.

  • The administrator of the meeting can decide whom to allow to vote or where to impose restrictions.
  • If the polling is not needed in between the meeting administrator can disable the virtual polling feature.
  • The admin also has access to make questions available only for preferred members at the meeting.
  • The polling is set for a limited time to ensure that no extra time is wasted. Members must vote within a limited time only.
  • The technology or the algorithm is fitted in a way that each member’s vote is counted, and a final decision is made accordingly. There is no chance of any error in the process.

The above points were just a few reasons why you should consider AGM online polling. There are many more reasons which you can learn for yourself and become virtually advanced.