Everything You Need to Know Regarding Virtual Job Fair

Unlike a physical job, fair where setting up a booth and having a couple of people out of the office for a day or two is mandatory, a virtual job fair allows people to work from the office or home. It can work on business when they are not doing interviews.

Benefits of Virtual Fairs

Easy Access

Aspirants can participate in a virtual event from the comfort of their homes.

Cost Savings

Employers can connect with attendees without the indirect and direct expenses of planning and connect the global talent at the same expenditures.

Simple Setup

Planning and conducting a virtual event can have shorter turnaround times than a physical one. It holds several conversations with candidates, making room for companies to spot talent.

Exchange Information

Digital technology has made it easy to exchange information and save paper. The records stored this way are safe and accessible for a long time.

Employer Branding

A company can go live on its social media pages and communicate with job seekers regarding the brand. Thus, they can encourage participation.

Higher Visitors Attendees

Virtual job fairs provide a global presence to exhibitors. They make target marketing easy for employers and attract the best talents by engaging the candidates at pre, during, and post events.

3D Virtual Booth

Companies can brand their services or products through interactive and company-branded 3D virtual booths.

Real-Time Analytics

The data becomes accessible on the dashboard for analysis. One can have fundamental data values on the dashboard.

Real-Time Assessments

The virtual platform enables exhibitors to conduct the aptitude, coding, etc. The digital formative assessments increase the ability to offer candidate reports in real-time.

How does it Work?

  •     Hosts virtual events

It creates the event, makes profiles and jobs of the individual job fairs.

  •     Connects attendees

It connects with the applicants, views their CVs, and makes Video calls or chats to know more.

  •     Assesses & hire

A virtual platform enables one to have the physical experience of hiring.

Features of Virtual Job Fairs Platform 

  •     Virtual 3D Booth

A virtual job fair allows the attendees to engage, interact, and browse about exhibitors.

  •     Attendees

It builds virtual candidates’ relationships successfully.

  •     Jobs & applicants

Digital nomads discover new opportunities and pivot their careers.

  •     Secures chat

It connects with attendees for chat messaging to gather information.

  •     Video Conference

Video conferencing allows face-to-face interactions

  •     File Sharing

It exchanges files with website viewers effortlessly throughout a chat.

  •     Attendees Registration

It customizes the registration form as per one’s need to acquire the right data.

  •     Coding Assessment

The platform evaluates a candidate’s code on various parameters.

  •     Profile Shortlisting

It identifies the right candidate’s applicant from a virtual pool.

  •     Exhibitor Login

Exhibitors can track data añd have access to features.

  •     Mobile Friendly

It enables desktop, mobile, tablet, and laptop.

  •     Analytics & Reports

One can get pre, on-going & post analytics of the events easily.


As digital interactions are superseding in-person interviews, talent acquisition companies are shifting to virtual appliances to aid the hiring process.