Internet 100 Times Speedier With Photonic Integrated Circuit PIC

Melbourne Scientists has learned that using Photonic Integrated Circuits which utilizes like a switching path on the small scratch on a bit of glass. This latest technology would supply internet users with error free high-speed internet access anywhere around the globe with network connectivity. The best benefit of this service is when it might actually work out internet could be without charge around the globe. The way in which railway trains use tracks and switch tracks the turn on these glass is created in picoseconds among the fastest time factor that is a millionth a part of another as well as in short indicates inside a seconds time the switch would switch on & Off millions of times and also the bandwith could be in the plethora of one terabit per second.

The present tests and speed tests have proven the transfer is about 60 times more faster however the scientists will work about this and seeking to attain broadband speeds which may be 100 times more quicker than the present network speeds. In India a internet reference to speeds of 256kbps is recognized as Broadband Internet while far away speeds of 2Mbps is recognized as the absolute minimum speed base meaning having a newer technology the developing countries could possibly get greater speeds for communication which may lead into more technology updates that is wanted than needed.

Photonic Integrated Circuit

We’re not speaking about 100 times of the Indian broadband connection but 100 times quicker than the present maximum internet speeds available also it would assist you in installing complete video movies within a few moments, allow high finish on the internet and HD Video telephony along with a scope of the better technological future. Lets wait watching on more updates about this Photonic Integrated Circuits.