Why does workflow automation hold huge importance?

When workflows are automated, particularly those procedures that are commonly handled by employees manually, then an organization sees remarkable improvements, like:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Accountability
  • Audibility
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Productivity

The method of building an automated workflow

You can utilize a drag-and-drop interface for adding and arranging tasks. Additionally, you can plan and design automated workflows visually to either augment or simulate the present processes. In the majority of instances, this procedure gets symbolized in a motionless format before stakeholders review it for accuracy.

The essentials that build excellent workflow management software

The essentials for the best workflow automation software are:

Easy to use and intuitive – Workflow software must be easier for field workers to move through every action list and checklist right on their mobile devices.

Flexibility – Workflows should be able to cater to your needs very well.

Inbuilt email capacities – The workflow software should make the process easier to have communication with your customers efficiently and easily. Again, email capacities too must be highly configurable besides being capable to send emails to customers and workers at different stages.

Automated communications – Workflow automation must combine automated communications, like automatic SMS text affirmation of appointments with automatically managed letters.

Entirely configurable – There should be flexible surveys that turn out to be entirely configurable and should be linked to jobs and assets. This is important for informing planning and analysis.

Captures contact notes – Workflow automation software should be able to capture contact with customers as compliments, complaints, notes, or other kinds of defined events.

Use progressions in SMS technology – Workflow automation should use threaded and intelligent 2-way SMS technology that threads conversations. Additionally, it should match responses to various outbound messages. For instance, new job openings should be proposed on the basis of first-come-first-served to the suppliers. This will let you know who does respond. Again, optional appointment dates too can be presented to customers for recording their preferences.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets fully – Workflows must integrate well with Android, iPhone, and Windows platforms so that you can use them on several mobile devices and tablets.

Drive business – Workflow should drive business efficiencies. Additionally, it should augment workforce productivity and service delivery.

Electronic audit trails – The electronic audit trails should be maintained automatically for every work, event, communication, and stage.

Features of workflow automation software

  • Access control – For ensuring that the data is accurate within workflow automation software you need to utilize a service having an option of access control. It will permit you to assign some steps to particular users and also control who would be able to see and edit some parts of the workflow.
  • Integrations – Always hunt for software that would let you automate your workflow fully with some relevant integrations.
  • Participant alerts – For maximizing efficiency within a workflow, you need to hunt for software that permits you to send alerts.
  • Data security – It is vital to select software that has got sturdy security measures. Hunt for providers having encryption, password-protected files, and browser security.