Why Gamers Should Go All-in on a Dual Monitor Setup

Gamers often invest in their gaming setup to provide the best playing experience. This includes a comfortable chair for long gaming hours and a quick, responsive mouse. Meanwhile, you may have invested in a gaming keyboard that registers keys faster for accurate gaming control. While you assume that your setup is already complete, it can get better. Consider going all-in on a dual monitor setup for these amazing benefits:

It benefits specific game formats

The thousands of games available on the market today all come in various formats. This includes solo shooter games and multiplayer games. One other format, called multi-tabling, is used in online poker. It refers to playing multiple tables simultaneously, increasing your chances of success. Multi-table tournaments are a popular way to play online poker for real money, which is why a dual monitor will help players in this case. Traditionally, players will open multiple table windows and play poker at each one simultaneously. Doing this on one screen will get confusing and untidy because of the various windows you need to monitor. Having two screens will solve this issue.

Dual monitors will also benefit co-op games—or those that require teamwork and player interaction. These games are played best on split-screen mode, so you can better navigate and communicate with your teammates. A few examples of co-op games that would benefit from a dual monitor setup are Overcooked 2 and Resident Evil 6.

It increases your multitasking abilities

It’s common nowadays for gamers to do other things while playing. There’s lots of content to consume these days, especially with the number of YouTube and TikTok influencers increasing each year. Multitasking while gaming often involves watching videos, chatting with friends, and even streaming your game. Doing these on one screen is a hassle because you may have to do a lot of switching between windows and making them smaller to fit the screen.

Dual monitors help by providing you with an additional screen to perform other tasks. You’ll be able to play games comfortably while speaking with your friends or even watching gameplay tutorials to guide you through a game.

It makes viewing game references easier

Another benefit of dual screens is the convenience of viewing game items that will help you without disrupting gameplay. For example, online blackjack strategy calculators guide you, so you reach optimal play. This allows you to know the best way to play each hand, increasing your likelihood of success. Because you’re using two monitors, you can have one screen dedicated to your online blackjack platform while the other has the calculator.

For adventure games, you can use your second screen to view maps or check your inventory without pausing or disturbing your game movements. Overall, dual monitors seamlessly improve your play.

It creates a more immersive gaming experience

You might think that immersive experiences are achievable with only one monitor—specifically, the ultrawide ones with a curve. However, gamers who prefer dual monitors aren’t bluffing. In addition to more immersive gaming, one advantage of having two monitors is multiple monitor positions. You can position two monitors with almost no space between them, on top of each other, or have one in a portrait position—unlike ultrawide monitors that remain in one spot. Singular, wide monitors’ best resolution is limited to 5120×2160. Meanwhile, smaller monitors can handle 4K resolution, so a pair of these would provide better game graphics and effects than a single monitor.

Dual monitors simplify multitasking, provide immersive experiences, and benefit specific game formats. Upgrade your gaming experience today by adding another monitor to your setup.