Advantages of IPTV for viewers

IPTV is a new technology which has changed the wayviewers have been watching TV over decades. There have been developments in traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems but IPTV has changed the rules of TV business. While traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems have focused on having more channels and faster delivery of TV contents, IPTV has changed the medium of transmission of TV contents.

IPTV uses high speed internet for broadcasting and transmission of IPTV streaming content.They offer following advantages over traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems:

Advantages of using Internet:

For last so many years, Internet has been used by businesses and companies for their data communication and business transactions. Banks, corporate, hotels, tourism industry, entertainment companies, gaming companies have been using Internet and Internet based applications to serve and entertain their customers.

Internet has emerged as a very reliable medium for business transactions. Internet has also enhanced its reach to masses by supporting mobile internet etc. Nowadays, many businesses, including banks, corporate, governments, have shifted their customer interactions over mobile apps.

IPTV uses best IPTV serversto transmit IPTV contents to the viewers over the Internet.IPTV providersare able to use the potential of Internet to meet the demands and expectations of the TV viewers.

They are able to use the wide reach of the Internet to enhance their customer base. They use high speed Internet to overcome the signal disturbances caused by inclement weather.  Traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems have been harangued for not overcoming signal disturbances during short or long spells of rain, storm, etc in a particular location.

Internet connection, whether mobile or regular Internet connection, is generally uninterrupted during long and short spells of rains and storms. IPTV uses this advantage of Internet communication and succeeds in providing uninterrupted IPTV transmission during long and short spells of inclement weather.

Portability of IPTV subscription accounts

For years, TV viewers have been paying money for individual TV subscriptions and connecting devices for individual TVs. They may have been very rarely watching TV on many of these TVs at their homes and offices. But, they have been paying monthly subscription fees for all these connections irrespective of hours that they have watched TV contents on these TVs.

But, with IPTV, they can use one IPTV subscription on many TVs and save their money on the TV expenses. They can use one IPTV account to watch TV on one TV at one time and second or other TV at some other time. There are limitations set by IPTV providerson numbers of TV being watched simultaneously using one IPTV subscription account.

IPTV viewers can use the same IPTV subscription account to watch IPTV at other devices like Desktop, Laptop, IPAD, etc. They can use the same IPTV subscription account to watch TV at other distant geographical locations.

The better reliability of IPTV over traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems has enhanced the spread of IPTV across masses. This has been widely seen in geographical areas which are prone to long spells of rains, storms, etc. The portability feature of IPTV subscription has become very popular among masses and has significantly enhanced the spread of IPTV among masses.