What you should know about getting your independent movie on streaming services

There are huge online movie streaming services that have taken the movie streaming scene with a bang and if your independently produced movie isn’t on their distribution network, it is barely considered produced. This is not true if we are being strict in what we say, but it holds some truth to it. It is not a must that you get your movie on distribution networks for it to be considered produced. In fact, there are many strategies available to you that you can use and achieve great success without involving distribution networks. The only problem is that this route is very difficult and is not promised. That is why most independent producers struggle to put their movies on distribution networks. I will try to explain steps you can follow to get your movies on these distribution networks so that you can benefit from what they have to offer.

Work with an independent film distributor

This can be a risky route because when it goes sideways, it reduces the chances of having your movies taken up by any major distribution network. However, the reverse is also true. The only way for you to be recognized by a major distribution network is by working with a third party distributor who has inroads to a major distribution network. You will need to link up with any of these distributors and give them your content. Before you hand over your content though, you must ensure that you have a water-tight agreement drawn up.

The agreement should give you full rights to the content. That means that you should retain all the rights to your content. If your movie makes a name for itself, you may be contacted by a major distribution network to add your content on their network

Raise an army

Having your movie in the database of any major distribution network is not all. You will have to prove to the network that there is in fact a lot of demand for it. This is indicated by the number of people that request the movie online. The rate of request is known as the queue demand.

The best way to improve your queue demand is by marketing your independent movie like crazy. You should ask literally anybody you know to request the movie. You can create marketing campaigns on social media platforms and ask people to request your movie. In your campaign, provide a summary of what the movie is about and include very captivating images of scenes from the movie. Get people to see movies online on the distribution network.

Increase Your Chances

Getting a high queue demand is not all. You want your movie to have a good standing with many movie review sites online. Getting a legitimate IMDB should be your ultimate measure of success. Getting people talking about your movie in the press gives you more recognition than just getting your movie distributed by a huge distribution network. This will however depend on the content of the movie and what it is about.