Top Digital Marketing Agencies to Grow Your Legal Business

There is no getting around the fact that your competitors and colleagues use social media in the current digital era. You must engage with numerous channels if you want to stay relevant to your audience. You gain new clients via digital marketing agencies. Through social networking, you may reach many people.

As per a 2018 survey, 35% of individuals who utilize social media for business purposes have acquired clients. For small businesses, the outcome is even better: 42% of them gained new customers as a result of social media marketing.

  • Clients can find your law company in another way thanks to social media 

Social media profiles can direct individuals to your legal firm’s website, where they can get the details, they require to retain you as their counsel. Consumer brands have mastered this strategy. For instance, this is how someone might contact your company after seeing you on social media:

  • You make a Facebook blog about how recently wed couples should write their wills.
  • When potential customers view the Facebook post, they click the link to read it on your website, where you’ve added an online intake form using the custom intake form tool.
  • The prospective client enters their email address and completes the online intake form.
  • The client thereafter shows up in your lead Inbox automatically.
  • Social media provides a platform for community interaction 

Social networking is another tool that lawyers can use to raise their profile in the legal sector. You may stay current on what’s happening in your legal community by engaging in social media activities with other lawyers. Even better, you may add your own insights to demonstrate your thought leadership.

What percentage of law firms use social media?

Social networking undoubtedly offers a wide range of significant advantages. How many law firms are taking advantage of social media’s possibilities, then? A 2022 legal technology survey report states that 89% of respondents say their companies have a social media presence. Only 11% of people say they don’t have a digital presence, in contrast.

  • How to develop a social media plan? 

Social media has clear benefits for law firms, but you need a strategy to obtain a good return on your investment. The following best practices can be employed to get your social media on the proper track, even though your personalized approach should be specific to you, your practice areas, and your audience.

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